Fall Photo Study

Scanners are so much more than just a useful piece of office equipment. They distort three dimensional objects is such a beautiful way. Every year I make it a point to document the changing scenery outside; this year I wanted to capture the changing leaves in a new way. By using a scanner the leaves become immersed in a foggy, dreamlike solution, floating & sinking in the same moments. And I love not knowing how each scan will turn out. I incorporated my kittens into my project, too. They didn’t want to sit still once the mechanism started moving, but I love the wave-like distortion of their scans just as much as the others. I kept my post work to a minimum, some of them I didn’t touch at all. Others I only wished to bring out color differences & enhance the subtle contrast. All-in-all I found this to be a successful photo study & I’m so excited it’s finally boots season. Happy November to you all!

My Babies

Who could resist a face like this? Seriously. So. Adorable. I’m too tired to write any more…maybe tomorrow. Is that cool? Cool.

**Update** Since posting these photos nearly a month ago, two of my babies have found new homes. My little orange kitten, I named him Dorian. And the tortoise shell/calico kitten – her name was Gerta. She now goes by Tibby & is very happy with her new family.

DSCN2557DSCN2572 DSCN2576